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Our Purpose

A ministry to establish, encourage & equip new bus ministries across America!

The purpose of this ministry is to help new churches establish a bus ministry or older churches to enter the bus ministry. Running buses each week will enable churches to reach the next generation for Christ!

Get Involved

How It Works



Identify churches who want to start a bus ministry and assist them in getting started.



Train these churches to effectively reach their communities via the bus ministry.



Provide each church with startup outreach materials such as flyers and tracts

Why Get Involved?

With each new bus donated, approximately 30 new riders are brought to church. The hardest part of starting a bus ministry, finding a bus and making sure it is ready to go, can be done through the help of those who can invest financially and through shared experience.

Buses Donated

Since 2017

Riders Brought to Church

Based on an average of 30 riders per new route